I want to have a natural childbirth in a hospital even though the drugs will be just a button push away.  I want to be in-tune with our child so that it doesn't need to cry to have its needs met.  I want the only nipples our child knows to be real ones; I would rather it suck its thumb than a rubber pacifier.  I want to let our child wean itself when its ready.  I want to skip the stroller, the high chair, the crib and the carrier.  I want a car seat that doesn't come out of the car.  I want to make baby slings, nursing shirts, onesies with matching leg-warmers.  I want gDiapers when we're out of the house and elimination communication when we're in.  I want to co-sleep until they want their bed.  I want to communicate with our child as early, as often and for as long as I can.  I want to have a Montessori shelf and do homeschool.  I want to grow fruits and vegetables in a green house.  I want to have chickens in a backyard coop and fresh eggs every morning.  I want to make decisions based on what we think makes the most sense for us, not based on what everyone tells us makes the most sense to them.  I want to love my husband more every day and never lose sight how important our relationship is, no matter what happens in life.  I want this blog to be about all the projects that we do, all the things we make.  We've just started building our lives and I want to keep track of how the construction goes.

I think goals are good to have as long as success is not defined solely by whether they are met or not.  The time spent working on achieving the goals has to matter too, regardless of the outcome.  I'm not so proud to think we will meet all these goals, but I know we will try.  And, we will keep track of whatever happens because goals or no goals, this time is gonna fly by fast.
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