I finally finished my CV for Denmark. Initially, I had trouble with the layout and needed examples from my friends. Then I wrote a version that said things that I wanted to say to the person who was considering hiring me. After that version was finished, I went back through and took out all the obviously inappropriate (read: emotional and over-analytical) parts for an job application... because that's the stuff you spin in a good light in the interview if it ever comes up right? I had my husband edit out the parts he thought were not relevant. Then I had a friend look it over- this friend hires people, so she looks at a bunch of resumes regularly. After incorporating her comments, I added the all important picture. Yeah I think it's strange to add a picture, but I like it.

Obviously I took out the actual text in my CV and replaced the spaces with pictures for posting purposes.

Most of the pictures have little stories behind them:
I left E alone in the bathroom for maybe 1 minute while I moved clothes from the washer into the dryer. When I came back I found him sitting in the sink.
E loves birds, so on our way to a friends house Marc and I stopped to feed some ducks so E could watch. The seagulls kept coming though, so I kept scaring them away.
E isn't really sucking his thumb ever but he does tend to chew on both of them occasionally. I think the only reason I don't have a thumb sucker is because I am still nursing! 


In a couple months I think I am going to look at my life and not recognize it; that is what I'm anticipating anyway. There is this song by The Dixie Chicks (E loves to fall asleep to them) where they sing about taking "the long way around" 
my friends from high school 
married their high school boyfriends 
moved into houses in the same zip codes
where their parents live

I know this is the normal thing to do, and I would never hate on it. I just didn't do life this way. So, every couple of years I look back on where I used to be and it seems like everything has changed for me. I have not had true and predictable consistency in "where I live" and "what I do all day" for more than two years since I was seven years old... that's twenty years of always knowing that in near future, the place I live will be different and the thing I am spending my time on (or the place it is happening, or the people it is happening with)  is a temporary focus for my energy. But I have never focused on that fact so much as I am right now. Probably because it is the end of that era.

I believe Marc could be working the same job in twenty years that he is working today. And, although I don't want to hope for such permanency for myself in job-work; I know for the next twenty years what my main day-to-day focus will be. And if I so choose, I know where I am going to spend those years. And I am so excited about it. I want to get bored out of my mind with where I live and my daily routine. Well, I don't think I'll get bored. But, I know, I'll be able to enjoy things more simply. I have had twenty years of background noise. And when it was just me, or just Marc and me, it kept things interesting. I think it kept me out of trouble. I have collected a few consistent friends and my extended family is always some sort of telecommunication away. Maybe I'll hate waking up at night from a dream and knowing where I am immediately, but I really think I'm going to enjoy it. I can not wait to have a baseline to watch time go by to.


we just bought a house!!! it's been a two month long crazy process with crazy twists and turns, but it is official as of five minutes ago. One day I will tell the whole story, today I am just marking it as happened.

next up we gotta find me a job :-P
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