I stopped blogging for a little while...
At first it was because my life (and my sewing projects) were being put on hold due to a BIG HUGE decision my husband and I were making.  Then, it was because we decided we would go through with the BIG HUGE decision- the logistics of which were life consuming for all of May up until now.

The big decision was whether or not Marc should accept a job offer in Brande, Denmark... So, in the last month and a half we decided "yes" and subsequently moved to Denmark.  It's been a whirlwind, crazy experience.  I mean, I knew we were probably going to relocate before the baby was born, but an international relocation in the third trimester was never something I assumed possible.  It's funny how God does things though.  When Marc decided to stop doing his Masters and look for a job instead, I felt like the results were going to be life altering.  And even though for most of the job hunting absolutely nothing was happening, I was preparing myself for the life-cartwheel coming (this is all separate from preparing for the baby induced life-back flip on it's way, btw).  We're still pretty much mid-cartwheel.  Even though we've made it to Denmark we're still working on finding someone to help birth the baby and getting out of the tiny temporary apartment we've been set up in (complete with a tiny tiny temporary bed).

My sewing machine and fabrics were packed up and flown on the plane with us so that I could finish the huge list of things I haven't been able to work on since April.  Everything we couldn't carry, we sent to Denmark via shipping container and it won't arrive until mid-July.  Even though our temporary housing is small, I'm slowly figuring out how to work within it- actual work has yet to be achieved.  Though I did turn a long piece of black jersey knit that wouldn't hold it's dye into a wrap (with assistance from my mom) for the baby.  I plan to wear it around the house only because the fabric looks so bad, but at least I found a way to use all the fabric without having to waste it.

[Insert photo here, when I upload photos]

Next project I plan to tackle is what I'm calling a soft crib, then it's back to baby clothes... the timing of all of this is dependent on getting an iron (which I hope to do today... this week... soon)
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