We went to the beach with some friends after church on Easter Sunday. E dug in the sand and enjoyed having his feet buried, though he was confused at where they went. E also ate some sand. We haven't been trying to control what he puts in his mouth very much. Obviously it goes with out saying: things that are dangerous for him, we don't let him have. Sometimes Marc and I have conversations like: 
"do you think it's a good idea for him to have [something weird] in his mouth?"
"I don't know how it could hurt him, do you?"
"No, I guess not"
And then we just don't make a big deal about it. If you make a big deal about something it sparks the curiosity. For example, E knows electrical cords and computers are off limits because we always stop him from touching them. Eye glasses too. And when he see any one of these things and he thinks he can get it, you can watch the exclamation point go off in his brain (sometimes you can hear it too). People wearing glasses think he really likes them for all of about three seconds until SNATCH. He's a quick little baby.
I notice regularly how much E has grown or changed. A lot of the time when he is put down to sleep for the night I think "wow he looks so much more like a boy and so much less like a baby" I am pretty sure those will be my thoughts until he's like 25. But I think if I am putting him to bed at 25, we've messed up somewhere :)
Life otherwise has been really interesting. I really like living in Denmark, though I am starting to get annoyed by all the little things that come with moving to a new country. Danish is not an easy language to learn. Right now I am still taking courses. But since my sister is not around to watch E, I don't study the language everyday, as much as, I just try to get my assigned lessons done on time. I think most of my learning is coming from the TV now, so I have started to understand a lot better. But, my vocabulary is too small so trying to speak beyond the basic polite phrases is still killing my confidence.
I think I'm also just growing up more and thinking it is related to moving, but really it is not. I'm not partying any more. I don't miss that, but I miss socializing. I like seeing friends, I look forward to it. I miss my best friends (besides Marc) and I wonder if I will have as close friends here. I feel like as you get older, your family is who you socialize with. But my family is my husband and my babbling baby. Facebook makes it plainly obvious to me that I don't have any friends who are really experiencing life like I am right now; I guess I just feel lonely because of that. I know I'm not the only person who feels too far away, who feels like building a new life takes too much effort. But, I know in a few years I will only remember this feeling because of this blog post. Also, I have to be thankful for the friends I have made here because it truly is a blessing that there is a group of people who care about me and mine, and they aren't related to me.
I can't imagine what kind of person I would be if I lived within 30 miles of my mother for my entire life... not this person, not in this place, not with this husband and child. I really am who I always wanted to be as a little girl- though it comes at a bigger price then I want it to. Now to just allow E to become everything he wants to be with less price to pay. And that is why I think it's nice he spent his first Easter eating sand.

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