I finally finished my CV for Denmark. Initially, I had trouble with the layout and needed examples from my friends. Then I wrote a version that said things that I wanted to say to the person who was considering hiring me. After that version was finished, I went back through and took out all the obviously inappropriate (read: emotional and over-analytical) parts for an job application... because that's the stuff you spin in a good light in the interview if it ever comes up right? I had my husband edit out the parts he thought were not relevant. Then I had a friend look it over- this friend hires people, so she looks at a bunch of resumes regularly. After incorporating her comments, I added the all important picture. Yeah I think it's strange to add a picture, but I like it.

Obviously I took out the actual text in my CV and replaced the spaces with pictures for posting purposes.

Most of the pictures have little stories behind them:
I left E alone in the bathroom for maybe 1 minute while I moved clothes from the washer into the dryer. When I came back I found him sitting in the sink.
E loves birds, so on our way to a friends house Marc and I stopped to feed some ducks so E could watch. The seagulls kept coming though, so I kept scaring them away.
E isn't really sucking his thumb ever but he does tend to chew on both of them occasionally. I think the only reason I don't have a thumb sucker is because I am still nursing! 

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