My baby turned six months today, I win!
I am focused on learning how to speak Danish, how to be a good mother, how to be more patient, how to be a runner- en lidt, and thinking about what is coming up next.
Life is cycles and waves a rotating roller coaster you can't see very far ahead on. Life is Space Mountain at Disney World going down a drain. I need to be sitting here thinking that the best part about a roller coaster is the climb right now because I have been going through one of those stomach bottoming-out parts lately.

With the six month birthday feeling kind of like a place I want myself to remember what life was like I am giving myself a monumental challenge today.  I want myself to write a book between now and whenever I get a job in Denmark. Realistically, this "getting a job" thing will probably coincide with entering E in danish "kindergarten" which starts at 2 år 9 måneder. If a I have the decent makings of a book at the start of that time I may spend some alone at home working on it alongside applying for work.  I think this is a realistic goal to set myself and if I complete it... well I can't really get there mentally yet.
But it definitely gives me enough time to really have a grip on speaking Danish- I expect to be able to hold my own in a conversation with E's teacher... or Jytte's parents and, of course, in a job interview :)
It gives me something to do if I get bored at home but with a little bit more pressure and expectation than a hobby.  I think sewing is something I like doing once in a while... like on big projects or custom items. Writing this book... a novel I expect... will take a lot longer than any sewing project I would willingly take on.

So I set myself this goal today and if it all goes well then I might mention it again :D

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