discipline without a light heart becomes resentment

I figured this out while running which requires a lot of discipline. This totally applies to my past, my present and my future.
I realized that when I was younger and always compliant, it wasn't because I wanted to be. Then came the resentment. Resentment that took me on a long path of feeling like I needed to prove to anyone and everyone that I wasn't anybody's anything. I've freed myself from that now, but so many people still see me as that past person.
Now I have to make sure I'm not disciplining myself, my husband, my son for self serving reasons. A light heart.  Sometimes disciplined is the way things have to be.
And in the future, I need to make sure my marriage and my children understand when the discipline is necessary.
This is one of those carve it into a piece of wood and hang it in the kitchen type sayings for me (so that I don't become my mother entirely).

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