The internet is such a time suck! I know- duh! Since E has been born I have realized everyday over and over again that he needs my attention. He needs my physical presence, but he needs more than that. He doesn't understand why I love this thing in front of me enough to only give him part of me. He closes the computer; he knows how to turn it off. He does the same thing for the TV when we don't listen (he does this stuff to Marc too). Sometimes I need to check out from being in a 1 year olds' world, but sometimes I'm being selfish and lazy. E doesn't understand any of that, especially when I don't say anything to him about whats going on.

A couple months ago I really started asking myself before I got on the computer or turned on the TV "whats the purpose of your visit to electronic media land?" and checked my priorities if E ever turned something off on me. If he is happy on his own (and he does spend time by himself), then he wouldn't be bugging me or needing my attention. I have chosen not to teach my child that a computer is more important than he is. If I don't like how he handles himself in the situation- the most recent flavour being excessive whining with fake crying, then I address that. But I still accept his "argument" that his needs are more important than the computer- even if those needs are to be played with or tickled or talked with. If I can show him how important our bond is to me early and often, then he will be more secure in who he is.

So I spend a lot less time on the internet/computer now than I did a couple of months ago. The time that I do spend, I focus on doing what I really want to do. I love to read about science and current events. I love to watch certain TV shows. I love to look up questions I have about how to do things. I love to write on my blog. I have completely cut out any time I spend on facebook for almost six months now. I needed to step away from that particular time drain to evaluate a lot of things regarding relationships. So now I know, I love to use the computer to connect with people too, but directly not passively. Facebook makes it way to easy to passively connect with people and I want to adjust how I use it when I return in the future.

Something else I have been doing to make sure my general priorities in life are better aligned to what I would like them to be is "fasting" from recreational use of the computer until I have spent some time with God and His word everyday. And, all I can say (because E has woken up from his nap) is that I have been enjoying it a lot.

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