you know if you know

I wasn't sure where to start today and then my breath was lost, pulled away from inside my chest by empathy and insight by a life laid down to rest a moment passes  where words have no meaning and the only sound that matters is the fact that you are breathing the frail balance between life and not life that you have until you don't  the shock is too much there is not even pain just a huge gap of "this should have been" it's not about fair or just or secure it's a moment where you know  this is not what we were made for  we live like we're not walking a fine line all the time turning our backs on this huge chasm that replaced the true source of life because it is not about when or how you fall but that you will  there are chances in life where  you can glance over the edge because someone you held to is gone and it breaks you,  remakes you  into one who knows a pain that screams the meaning of life a message we are too deaf to hear too numb to understand our evolution for survival  to live with hope and purpose is to ignore the truth of death yet heed the lessons the disonance of our life, separated you know the sound if you know

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