My baby was so funny today. He has just turned nine months. He has four teeth coming in on top that are just peeking below his upper lip when he grins. So, he is not a gummy grinner any more and it makes me excited for him. I am not lamenting the loss of this baby feature, which surprises me because it is the first time.

I was eating some french fries for lunch... the baked in the oven kind. I always share with E because he's a pain-in-the-butt nag if I am eating something and he isn't. I try to give him softer fries for my piece of mind. Now that he is getting some true chompers I don't fixate as much but anyway... We get down to the last french fries and they are all the little tough ones so I am eating them on my own. E has chipmunk cheeks stuffed with the potato bits anyway so I don't feel bad I've stopped sharing. I'm holding the last french fry in my hand. E grabs my hand, pries open my fingers, snatches the fry and shoves it in his mouth all in about 3 seconds. I was so shocked (not that I would have tried to really stop him). In any case, he totally manhandled my hand, stole my fry and then looked at me like "WHAT UP?!" with exploding chipmunk cheeks. He didn't really have room for that last fry, but he was not going to let me eat it.  I died laughing at him, it was too cute.

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