I feel kind of like the stereotypical ugly girl in late 90's movies. You know, the one who eventually gets a makeover and then a popular boyfriend. Yeah so I feel like that girl when I hang out with my Danish friends. I know they wouldn't probably be a bit offended to have me say that. But, I just don't look the same. I don't wear the same clothes or have family members around to hold my child. I don't think they same way so I don't always know what to say; and I regularly find things funny on my own and I just can't explain it.

I come from a totally different background, I know. But I just want to fit in soooo bad sometimes. Unfortunately, my big makeover means becoming fluent in Danish... not as easy as replacing oversize glasses with contacts and taking out a ponytail. And, I also have to accept that they don't need me around like I need them. I feel sometimes like we get pity invitations to things, but maybe we kind of do. Though, I know the Danes would never think of them like that.

Danes really do go out of their way to make you feel welcome around them. But, it's not so easy to get to be around them often. Marc and I are quite blessed to have found a group of Danish people to call our friends. I think if I were to make a list of the most important things we did for creating our life here in Denmark, attending the Brande Baptistkirke is on the top of that list for sure.

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