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aven't been a big fan of pregnancy thus far.  I find my attitude towards pregnancy really depends on how sick I'm feeling at any given time, though the weird/scary dreams, the insomnia, water retention and the massive boob growth doesn't help my opinion on the matter.

I don't want to sound ungrateful, I'm not.  I appreciate our fertility and am incredibly thankful that the only trials when it comes to babies have been self-inflicted ones.  But, being pregnant has overall been a weird experience with stronger downs then ups for me and I don't know if I could do it many more times.

Sickness was all day every day for the first four and a half months. Sometimes pukey sickness, sometimes low blood-sugar jittery sickness that turned into pukey sickness.  I have found it more manageable with a huge breakfast incorporating lots of different sources of protein and eating fruit all day.  Lately I've only been getting sick one or two days out of a week and it's been pretty manageable with Tums for heartburn, ginger Gravol for the nausea, peanut butter and jelly sandwiches and french fries for everything else :-)  I have also found that a lot of my body hair is lighter, my sense of smell is super-human and the tendons holding my uterus in place are not fans of supporting extra load.

At first I liked feeling the baby move, then the novelty wore off and it was annoying (especially the bladder and spinal column kicks), but now I like it again.  It's kind of fun to try and figure out if I'm feeling a kick or a punch or a shoulder roll.  Watching my belly jump around on its own is cool and anytime Marc feels the baby it is fun too...the other day he got kicked in the head which I enjoyed.  I think weird things are funny these days...like I couldn't stop laughing in church when I read in the program that the young adult retreat cost included "one free horse ride."  Is that even funny? I don't know but I'm laughing now.


  1. Haha catherine so i just saw your little blog thing for the first time and just totally creeped real hard on each any everyone of your blogs. but i mean i guess you put them out for people to read so its not all too creeping. lol

  2. Hi Catherine...pregnancy was not fun for me either but I can honestly say that it is worth all the pain and annoyance that women go through to birth another person in the world. I am so happy for you and marc especially that you are writing about your experience....the baby will have the chance to take a glance at how it was before he/ she came. take care of yourself! Welcome to motherhood. I hope to get to know you more in the coming years.


  3. Having just been there I understand all of this sounds like your pregnancy is a lot like mine!!! Good Luck!!!! You will forget most of this stuff as soon as the baby is here!!


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